August 21, 2008

Sneaky Dream

Last night i went to bed at 9:30p because the night before i had missed out on sleep by going to bed at 1:00a. I love my sleep, i believe that 8 hours of sleep is the right amount but somedays it's ok to go over but under is bad and usually means foggy brain the next day.

I had all kinds of little dreams last night. In the one that was most clear, i was getting ready for work and running late. I knew i worked in a tall business office and something formal because i was actually putting on hose. I called the receptionist for the office to tell her i was running late. She asked "do you want to take it as a day off?" - i debated it, i was only going to be an hour late but if she was offering a day off i was going to take it. I replied "yes, i'll take the day off."

Then I wake up. I wake up to the very sad realization that i did not have the day off. I felt disappointed that it wasn't true and then annoyed that my brain had completely tricked me. I contemplated calling in sick but talked my self out. I sit here typing this in the single level building that houses the company i work for, grateful to be in my jeans and sneakers and not hose.

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