July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

July - a year half full - already!

I hope everyone had a pleasant day. Mine was filled with sleeping in late, a church picnic, getting sunburned even though it was really cloudy, and seeing a movie. That's right, this year we broke with tradition and saw a movie instead of fireworks. Neither of us were feeling the need to mess with traffic to go see any. Instead we saw Wall-e, very good movie! Who knew you could make a little cartoon roach likable! Also impressed with the personality the animators were able to put into the robots. I recommend you go see it, not that you probably needed a recommendations.

Movies still to see:
Hancock {think i can wait till dvd though}
Hellboy 2 {out next weekend}

On a complete random side note, never format your hard drive and then realize that you don't have your install key for Window's Office that could have been recovered from the HD that was just wiped. It causes a lot of headaches!

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