February 16, 2009

Coraline in 3D


We went to a swanky movie theater that shows all movies in HD and they were only showing Coraline in 3D. I was hesitant but we also had a free ticket to that theater so we went. The new digital 3D is amazing! The 3D actually works, not kinda gives an effect if you get the glasses just right but works all the time. Plus it works even with them over my normal glasses. The theater gave out these big plastic 3d glasses.

The 3D part aside, the visuals in Coraline are great. I'd like to go see it again just so i can absorber more. The story line in general is a good one, kinda creepy. The parents are a little over the top rude to Coraline to get the point across quickly that they ignore her and she's miserable because of it. The other characters are over the top eccentric but good entertainment. I agree with some reviews i've heard that it's not for young children. It does depend on your child but i wouldn't think anyone younger than 8 would like it. The subject matter is a little mature, Coraline's parents ignoring her, her looking for better options, having to deal with a witch, encounter ghosts that want Coraline to find their eyes again. These are not things that younger kids would find funny or interesting i'd think. The movie does have a happy ending.

I recommend checking out the offical movie website too. For those of us that love special features go to the "Theater" section of the site and you can watch varies short clips on how things were done.

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