February 13, 2009


I for one relish the thought of romantic gifts of flowers, cards with words of devotion, and small gifts chosen with thought. I appreciate these things any day of the year. I do not appreciate trying to get out in the craziness that is the official day of love. We have no romantic plans this year.

Part of me wants to try a matinee showing of Coraline mostly because i didn't get to go see it opening weekend. I've heard rave reviews of it in 3D but here's the thing, usually wearing the special glasses don't work over normal glasses and then i end up with a headache by the end of it. In general the movie has received amazing glowing reviews so it could be one i'd try to see twice in theaters, the first being just a normal viewing.

The other thing that i'll be trying to complete this Valentines is curtains for the backdoor. We've had part of the fabric for a year and then purchased the second half of the needed fabric about six months ago. But the final motivation is that the dog ripped a whole in part of the current curtain and has bent the rod they hang from. So, we have a missing chunk of fabric and the rest of it dragging the floor. It looks AWFUL. This will be an interesting attempt considering i'm going to use heat set fabric glue instead of sewing. I would sew the straight lines that are needed for the hem but i don't have a machine. I wish i did though.

Is anyone making it as a 3 day weekend with Monday being President's Day? I'll be at work on Monday because my company is a little odd and we don't get holidays but in exchange we have 9 extra days of PTO. We can request holidays off as PTO but i chose not to because I'd rather save it for days i really want off.

What will you be doing this holiday?

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daisies said...

its a 3 day weekend for me though i live in canada so its not 'president's day' here but a little something called 'family day' :-)

hubs has a gig on valentines day so i'll be hanging out watching the musica with my best guy friend and then we'll all likely hit a movie afterwards ... have a wonderful weekend!!

rhon said...

Funny. Coraline was on our list but I opted for Taken instead. We were very pleased with it. Since MyGeek is still out of work, President's Day is just another day at home around here.

Violet said...

Daisies, sounds like a nice weekend!

Rhon, sorry to hear that yourGeek is out of work! I'll have to add Taken to my list.