February 17, 2009

Marriage Update

Considering marriage is the 3rd item mentioned in my subtitle it seems it would be appropriate to bring the topic up.

Over the last year it has been easier for me to build walls of supposed protection then to be vulnerable and communicative towards my husband. Yes, that is a sad way to function in a marriage or any relationship.

To make a long story short things have been changing over the last week or so.

Biggest change: he became saved {born again Christian} on Friday the 6th. Which ironically is the 5th anniversary of our first date. Hallelujah and praise the Lord this is great news! But, this is also confusing news to me because he was a proclaimed believer since the day we met. However, I believe his choice on the 6th was sincere because of some of the changes i've seen. Most notably, he prays where as before i only saw him pray over a meal. His patience with me has suddenly become remarkable high. I actually pull an antic that could have easily bated him into a fight and he didn't rise to it which basically left me no choice but to apologize for snapping at him. Slice of humble pie anyone?

Another odd occurrence in our household, is that he's reading. A non-fiction, self help book none the less. Plus the Bible. Last night was the first time EVER we sat in the living room and read on the couch together. The other night he asked if he could join me in bed to read before sleeping, also NEVER happened before. Both of these things I have previously wished we do together and it was great.

Equally as odd, he cleaned the kitchen. While he did this on occasion and when it got really on his nerves, this time it was more a random act of kindness.

I am watching all of this with a cautious heart. I'm a mix of "it's about freakin' time" and "who are you?!". I'm being sure to at least say thank you to a kind gesture because i may not fully trust his motives but at the same time i don't want them to stop simply because i was ungrateful.

I'll let you know if anything else new happens like he picks up his clothes out of the bathroom.

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rhon said...

I'm slightly amused. Aren't we women fickle? We want them to change and the, pow, when they do we freak out. I hear you sister.

As you described this it brought to mind Paul's sudden conversion and how some of the followers of Christ didn't trust him.

When my spouse wasn't "improving" fast enough for me, I would take the stand of "sitting on a rock and waiting". Why should I being doing all the work? It took me a while to realize, if he ever did make the changes I wanted him to, I wouldn't be ready, because I'd been sitting on my duff. I'm hard headed but try to work on me and only me so that I'm always ready... for whatever. I hd no idea how unprepared I was.