November 6, 2010


My husband and I got to have a date day of sorts. We started with a matinee movie with 1 free ticket & a free small popcorn. Who doesn't love free? We added 1 ticket & 1 large cherry coke to share.

We chose to go see RED with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker & Helen Mirren. All the way around a fantastic cast! it's an action comedy with lots of loud shooting & very little language. Honestly, its says its rated PG-13 for action violence & brief strong languages but neither my husband or i remember there being any language. Now, it could be stated that we watch R rated that are heavy in language and in comparison it just didn't register on our radar. Either way it's a very fun movie - not a constant laugh out loud but i chuckled a lot.

The actor who doesn't get mentioned as a headliner but makes a great CIA agent is Carl Urban (who played Bones in the latest Star Trek movie). John Malkovish of course plays the best crazy paranoid guy ever (again). Of course Bruce & Morgan did a great job. This was the first movie i noticed that Bruce really has aged quite well. Guess what, Mary-Louise Parker doesn't flash us her breasts either! Also, I love Helen Mirren's performance, i want her white dress at the end. I did notice a lot of costume changes. For being on the run & trying not do get killed these people have access to great coats - the movie is set in winter.

If you're interested in an action movie that actually shows whats going on - instead of those speedy flash cut sequences - and gives you enjoyable comedy dialog, I recommend RED.

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