November 5, 2010

Type Collection

I've been collecting wood and lead type for about two years now. Currently they're just a collection and haven't performed anything functional. I do have grand plans for some of the wood type but we'll see if i have the nerve to use them this winter.

 This summer my sister-in-law was working a flea market and found a seller with a bucket full of type. She called, told me the price and i said SOLD! Here are the photos of my bounty. Isn't it lovely?

Ok, i'll wipe off my drool now. Its a whole alphabetical set with different fonts. There are also symbols numbers but oddly all the 6's & 9's are gone. If those numbers are ever needed i guess i'll have to figure something out with the p's & q's.

There something fun to own and to figure out how to make them useful.

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