March 4, 2008

Ikea Love

It all started on a Sunday morning with one little question from M. "Do you want to go get a new shower curtain?"

I excitedly replied that I did and I wanted to go to Ikea to get it. A new one opened last year and we had yet to go make a pilgrimage to it. Plus a few other things like a dvd box storage system because we had out grown our one shelf they were sitting on. And curtains and a new silverware holder for the kitchen.... we had gathered up a list of small items and made our way.

It was glorious. We talked our selves into buying a new tv stand w/ a pull out drawer for the dvds. Then we had to get the matching bookcase and deep chest drawer because we can put blankets in the drawer and replace an ugly bookcase hand-me-down. We did end up buying part of our new backdoor curtains but we haven't purchased the second half in order to hang them. So, that was it for the trip in January.

Then this past weekend my husband unexpectedly had Saturday off. We found our selves in Ikea again. I can't remember exactly what our motivation was. This time we walked out with a new dining room table and 2 new chairs. We love our new table though. It replaced another hand-me-down that i had sworn to repaint for 2 years and it never happened.

The new table also serves a duel purpose. Once in Ikea I had the thought that I would like a little bookcase/shelving thing that could become our mail/bill way station. The table ended up being a good solution for this because of the drawers it has in the middle. The drawers can serve as mail sorting/bill storage and a small file box can sit next to it for when i'm ready to file some mail away. I have also plugged in our shredder next to it for disposal of some things. The second purpose is of course to eat at but this is unusual for us because we normally eat on the couch with a movie. The best part is it saves so much room which is nice!

Here is a video of our new furniture:

It feels good to own our own furniture.

We picked up this lamp that is also art on Saturday too:
Ikea LampArt

What i loved doing was taking pictures of things we'd like to have in the near and far future.

We would love to buy these chairs with the foot rests not shown here:
Ikea Chairs

M. wants this loft bed for his future office. Not exactly sure why he loves it so but it hey, it would be his office. It could also work as a guest bed ;-)
Ikea Loft Bed

This wall unite of shelves for my future studio (ignore the bad stitching of the photos):
Ikea wall shelving

Here are shots of a kitchen we like. Love the blue on the front of the cabinets. I also like the shelves with the clear glass, would be good to show off my mug collections.

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