March 7, 2008

Random Bits of Fluff

My husband has unexpectedly left town for the weekend for a work conference. He left at like 5am to drive 4 hours with other co-workers to the location. So, here i am left with a completely empty weekend. Bring on the insomnia and girly movies. The insomnia is only vaguely new. When M.'s not home to go to bed with me at the same time i feel a touch lost about what time i should go to bed. Also, tonight, i feel wide awake at 10pm.

Random experience at the video store. There were 3 guys loudly perusing the outer rim of the store containing all the new releases against the back walls. I ended up having to step out of there way as they made an about face to go the opposite direction we were all originally going in. One of the three said "excuse me", i imagine his role in the group was the public apologizer for the other two's behaviors. I find the movies i want "Death at a Funeral" and "Much About Love" (think that's the title).

Standing in line, the three guys come up right behind me. The Extra Loud Guy makes a comment about how the big tub of pop corn has had the same illustration on it for years. Their conversation digresses about large woman and how eating popcorn will get them that way. I tried to block it out and kept making small steps closer to the counter. Extra Loud Guy keeps inching up along with me. In my head i say "i'm moving up, you stay where you are". My turn at the counter. Instead of the group staying a few steps back waiting for either cashier to open up the group clusters behind me, if Extra Loud Guy was a step closer i would have thought he was checking out with me.

Extra Loud Guy said something but i don't remember what. Polite Guy says "You'll have to ignore him", i find this interesting because I had not turned my head to even give them the idea i was paying attention. I turn over my right shoulder and look at E.L.G and say "um, yeah." The Second Guy "She already was". I turn again and say "Yeah, if he was step closer I'd let him know you'd invaded my personal bubble." I made a sweeping arm gesture to imply a barrier. I then realize that the cashier has been very quiet and that I've been rude to ignore the check out processes. Turns out cashier wasn't even paying attention and he still had to check in my rented videos so i don't feel so bad. E.L.G.'s response was saying to his friends "I had a bubble once until I got married" and then something about how before that he had an inverted bubble, what does that even mean?

Whats even crazier is that something that took 5 min. to happen took 3 paragraphs to explain. General comment about the whole thing, people are very talkative in video stores. In a city that in my experience the people do not strike up conversations with strangers it is very easy to do so in a video store.

I find our mail man annoying. We constantly get mail that goes to the street next to us. We have address 123 4th st. and we get mail for 123 hill st. - come on! it might be the same numbers but look at the street name! We live in an apartment complex so i don't expect the different sr. names to mean much. BUT the most annoying above all else is how he crams mail into our tiny little box. I ordered 2 issues of Artful Blogging^ and i find the envelope folded in half and crammed in there. At first I didn't think i'd get it out. There was a piece of cardboard in there to prevent bending, ha, lot o' good that did. Amazingly enough the magazines are just fine. Even if i did have to rip the envelope as i pulled it out.

^I do see a bit of irony about buying a paper publication about blogging which is digital. Strictly speaking they could offer the exact same content as a purchasable pdf. Although, there is something nice about full color photos on glossy paper.

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