September 23, 2008

Life Update

I'm going to Texas in October!

I'm mostly excited but a little sad. This was our year to go down for Thanksgiving and i thought buying the tickets 2 months in advance would be enough and in the past leaving on T-day was the cheapest - well not this year! It would have cost us close to $1,000 dollars for me and my husband to go. Lets just say we didn't budget for that much. Plus, M. started a new job and has no time off except for thanksgiving day and that fri after which didn't help with the price of the tickets.

After a little hemming and hawing... the choice was made instead of breaking the bank I'd go to Texas by my self. Since i was going by my self it would make sense to go at the same time my mom & step-dad would be in town from New York. That's the exciting part, I get to see them! It's been 1.5yrs since my mom and 2yrs for my step-dad. The sad part is my husband is stuck at home and it puts some some plans on hold {like going to the Ft. Worth Zoo, the point was to take him}. Bonus to going in Oct. i get to go to the State Fair - sad part, i would love to take M. to it some year.

I have been really thankful though that M. has been very encouraging for me to go see my family. Sure, he likes my family but in the end they're mine and it's not exactly the same bond. I understand this, i feel the same about his - love them but i'd have him go alone if i couldn't make it. Sometimes it's the hardest thing living in different states!

In other exciting news, i'm going to an art class hosted by Art & Soul while it's here in Portland. I'm only taking one class but it's on block printing which I LOVE {even though you can't tell because i never post any of my work, the little that i have}. There are so many classes i would have loved to take but again the money thing but maybe next year!

3 What do you think?:

Jeannine said...

Traci Bunkers is a great teacher - you're sure to have a fun time!

design for mankind. said...

Oh how wonderful---- I'd love to take that class! :)

Violet said...

Glad to hear that about Traci, i've been enjoying her blog.

I'll be sure to post some work after the class!