September 29, 2008

Week In the Life

In the spirit of saying Yes to everything lately I'm taking up Ali's challenge of documenting a week in my life. Flickr group.

To follow the instructions on keeping notes, i'm jotting them here. I'm going to focus on capturing small things during the day and hopefully one thing that inspires me.

Monday Notes:
The wind that comes strongly through the Columbia gorge has started. It's fall. Ah, the lovely sounds of the trees rustling around. Thankfully the wind is still warm but likely not for long.

I took my first TtV shot this weekend. I definitely need to build a contraption to block the light and glare. I'll upload it later today, at least that's the plan. The plan worked:

First shot, too close to the viewfinder:

Second shot, all of the viewfinder but blurry. I took a few more shots with the same bad results. This is when i stopped and decided that i really did need a contraption.

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