September 25, 2008

Scavenger & Through the Viewfinder

Two more fun and creative things that are happening in my life...

I have signed up for an exciting collaborative project, The Scavenger Project. It was created by Design For Man Kind in collaboration with Art House in Atlanta. In a week or so i will be getting a little packet in the mail with my list of 24 items/topics to base my art on. I have until Nov. 15th to get this all done and mail it in so i can have 1 piece published in a collaborative book. I'm excited and nervous that i'll have so much to do. I'm really hoping it gets here before i go out of town so i can be on the look out while in Texas.

The other is a the discovery of a photography technique called Through The Viewfinder. With a dualfex type camera {medium format} a picture is taken through it's view finder on top with a digital camera. The results are square format photos with a verity of results - depending on the lens style, cleanliness of lens & or mirror - you can get really clean looking photos or dirty. I highly recommend looking through the flickr group for this style.

How this all started is by me reading Hula Seventy's post about TtV. It occurred to me that we have several old cameras that were obtained through a series of events. On the shelf in M.'s office sat this beautiful Yashica D. I had a Yashica D and i didn't even know it! Turns out, there is a grid on the lens, i'm not sure how i feel about it. I've read in the flickr group that some love the grid and others clean it of with windex. That last part has me concerned about cleaning it at all, even though the viewfinder does have odd smudges on it. There is a small chance that the grid is in the ground glass and won't come off at all or is on the underside of the glass and cleaning the top won't matter. For now, i'm leaving it alone. I haven't even takin' one shot yet for goodness sakes.

That's right i haven't been brave and taken a shot yet. Although, i've done lots of reading and perusing of different types of cameras. I have the bug to buy a different style camera bad! Part of me thinks, i'll leave the Yashica D w/ grid because i'll admit that on some shots it's a nice little something and then i'll have say a Kodax Dualfex II for clean shots and a Starflex for it's great looking warped edges and maybe i can find one that's a little dirty, i like this look too!

This is very typical of my personality - get very excited about something - read up on it - day dream - but this is the tricky part, if i wait too long to get started i'll get bored day dreaming and move on - or if i start but run into a problem i'll move on*. So, the goal here is to take a picture by the end of the week. Who cares if i don't have the perfect light shield contraption, i'll use a dark piece of cloth if i have to, i will take a picture!

*it's not 100% of the time that i'll move on, sometimes i work through a problem and feel a great accomplishment.

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