September 11, 2008

New Gadget

Here are 2 GOOD things:

1 - I got an ipod shuffle today at work!
Its the purple 1g but i might have to buy it an
argyle vinyl cover.

They're actually a promotional thing for another department but i was asking how i could get one and my boss just gave it to me. I appreciate it, makes up for me having to move offices to the other side of the building, being too far from the printers for my liking and now i'm sharing an office instead having my own... ok maybe it doesn't completely make up for this but at least it helps.

2 - Nitro & Z's Birthday! Happy 3rd doggies! We don't do anything special... they might get a walk, lol.
Dogs Attention

P.S. I still feel like i'm at the bottom of a hill but I think i've at least stood up. It feels like i've lost the ability to think clearly, a cloud cover has rolled in and i swear 3 weeks ago i could been in a good mood but now... good moods are fleeting and anxiety/giving up is too easy. I was joking with my mom about self medicating with rhodiola.

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