May 14, 2008

25 Grateful Things

I read a lot of blogs, on one blog i read she had the same birthday as me, this blogger chose to write a list of things she's happy about according to her age, i'm borrowing her idea.

25 Grateful Things: {in no particular order}

1 - Saved by Jesus Christ
2 - My body works {i can walk, have all ten fingers, eyes, hears... the whole bit}
3 - A hairdresser that makes my hair look amazing {after years and years of it looking ok}
4 - Work {even though i might not love what i do at least it's related to my degree & i'm not digging ditches}
5 - Group of friends that enjoy art
6 - A husband that provides
7 - My in-laws like me {especially the m.i.l.}
8 - Taking a printmaking class in collage that allowed me to fall in love with the art
9 - People supported me to get me through college
10 - Moving to Portland {even if i really really miss my family in tx}
11 - Siblings who love me and include me in their lives
12 - Becoming an Aunt {i'm getting a little edgy when the phone rings at night}
13 - Knowledge of technology {really, it allows me to do so much!}
14 - A car that runs & gets good gas mileage
15 - Creativity {rockin' some good ideas on how to design a book to hold smashed pennies}
16 - A place to live that does hold everything just fine {even if my ego says it's too small}
17 - Good coffee {Starbucks fan and also a few really good local cafes}
18 - Group of friends that encourage me in my walk with Christ
19 - Dogs that are good most the time but love me all the time
20 - Audio CDs for a long commute
21 - Dishwashers {with out them i'd never clean a dish}
22 - Summer is coming {we're supposed to reach 90 on Fri!}
23 - My husband can cook {and do his own laundry & ironing}
24 - Corrective lenses {contacts & glasses to help me see}
25 - Airplanes {the best quick travel}

That was probably harder than it should have been.

2 What do you think?:

Jeannine said...

This is a wonderful list! You are very lucky as relates to #23.

Hope all is well!


Violet said...

I am lucking about #23 the bonus is he came that way, no training involved!