May 9, 2008

Week Recap

It was my 25th birthday! What did i do? I worked and then went to my monthly art meeting. I didn't tell anyone at the meeting it was my b-day because i feel awkward stating it out of the blue. I did tell 2 friends when it was all done and they burst out singing to me and then gave me gifts, lol. Well really i had already picked out 2 whole sand dollars from one friend's stash. The other friend gave me the knitted dish cloth she just happen to have finished that night. Then i staid until 12:30am eek! That didn't help my jet-lag, sleep deprived self. M. did have to work Tuesday night but he left me a dozen cream w/ red tip roses and a really meaningful card.

I continued to treat my self with some birthday money from family. I purchased the sixth season of CSI Las Vegas which i couldn't find in video stores or online and i wanted to catch up. My husband had left that day to go to the coast to visit his grandmother. So, i watched five episodes because i could. I would have gone with hubby except i work wed & thurs and he doesn't.

This day was going along fine. My sister had reported in that her sonogram had gone well and that her doctor was pleased with everything even if her stomach was a little small but the baby was normal size if not on the small side (guessing around 5.5-6lbs). Praise there!

Then about 4:00pm pst i got a text message from my sister's husband to call her later that night because their dog had died. WHAT?! Totally surprised and sad. I was just there, they had just purchased more food and new treats. *sigh* Turns out that it was ruptured tumor in his stomach. My brother-in-law found him at home obviously something wrong and took him to the vet where Crockett didn't make it. He was an eight year old doberman, truly a sweety and will be missed!

So far so good. Nothing exciting. Nothing tragic. Although i'm really tired - i don't think i've made it to bed before midnight all week. Tonight my borther-in-laws are throwing a party to celebrate the last night they're in their rental house. I don't know if i want to go. I have 3 things going on tomorrow and i'm really thinking of blowing them off to sleep in and watch more CSI. Really, only one thing has to do with people... i'll see how i feel when that time comes.

How was every ones week?

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