May 31, 2008

Field Trip

Last Saturday i went on a field trip and took some photos of flowers among other things. It has taken me all week to get the photos from my camera to computer to editing to uploading. I thought i would try a new way to display several photos - i'm not real excited about how they look just uploaded to blogger. Enjoy!

2 What do you think?:

MarillaAnne said...

Ohhh Your photography and composition skills are mega improving ... ok composition thru the lens. You've always had good composition skills.

So when do we get to hear about the trip home?

Violet said...

Thanks, i enjoyed working with my macro setting. Even though i was surprised at what really didn't take in focus when on the camera i thought it had.

there is a trip update on the 16th - i do need to load my pictures that are still in the camera! In my defense i did have to reload my computer shortly after i got back.