May 19, 2008


My sister has gone into labor!!!!

I got a phone call from my step-mom at 10:56am and i missed it! I couldn't believe it, i was sitting right next to it and didn't hear it in my purse. Anyway, got her voice mail and called back for her to tell me everything again. My sister's water broke this morning and at 11 she was at 4cm. So, my niece will probably be here by this evening and then everyone back home tomorrow morning. Which means easily about 24hrs of waiting before i get a picture!!

I have called my husband, texted my brother, called my step-sister, IMed with my mom, IMed with a cousin-in-law, told a friend, told my female co-workers who all squealed with me... I think the adrenalin has finally wained enough for me to go get lunch and maybe come back and work a little.

I'll keep ya'll posted!

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