April 1, 2008

April Letters - A

National Blog Posting Month has gone monthly, no longer a November only group. It has also started themes for you to post about if you so desire. I desire to post about April's theme which is letters. I'm following the theme loosely. Sure, I might post literal "dear so&so" letter but I'll be focused more on each individual letter of the alphabet. There are 26 letters which leaves me 4 days to talk about misc. things. Of course, i'm positive i'll throw in random tid bits of life.

A - the first letter of the Latin alphabet. It is subcatagorized as a vowel.

Words for the day:

  • April - Can you believe we're already to April?!

  • Alphabet - What i'll be focusing on this month

  • Airport - 30 days till i leave for Texas on American Airlines

Topics related to A:

  • Art - the art group that i'm part of us is going through a sudden change. The leader of the group suddenly resigned stating she had too much going on to lead the group successfully. Which is understandable given some things but it could have been handled so much better than a group email. There was an emergency meeting of sorts called 2 weeks ago to further discuss her choice and what the group was going to do. The complication was aroused when the church we were associated with chose to disband the group instead of see about appointing a new leader. Tonight is a meeting about where we'd like the group to go and who do we want to lead us there. I'm sure it will be interesting but intense time tonight.

  • Artist Way - I've been reading through the book chapters at a time and marking anything that strikes my fancy. My plan is to finish the last chapter this week. Then officially go through the exercises and do my daily pages.

Links related to the Alphabet:
- Visual Dictionary
- Dictionary Of Image Flickr Group

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Mme. Meow said...

Just saying hi from NaBlo! Let's hear it for thirty days of blogging :o)