April 2, 2008


The second letter of the Latin alphabet also a consonant.

Words related to B:
Blues - I have the blues today (unrelated to the weather or work)
Blue - The sky is blue today but i'm stuck inside
Boo - for work

Topics related to B:
Baby - My sister sent me the funniest email yesterday about being all freaked over having to recover from delivery* and how to take care of a new born. They'd gone to a birthing class talking about postpartum depression and how much time the baby spends eating, sleeping & pooping. I think she was more freaked out about having to ask for help, which she'll ask and receive in abundance! I told her all this scary news made me just want to rush home and get pregnant. She emailed back "After the class i wanted to take back mine but I don't think God takes returns or exchanges, LOL" - lol indeed! *a little over two months away

Bolthouse Farms - They make this really yummy protein drink that i can only seem to find in the cold drink section of Albertson's. It's called Perfectly Protein: Mocha Cappuccino with Whey Protein but here's the thing, i shouldn't drink it. Sure it has 19g of Protein per bottle but it also has milk and whey which is a by-product of milk. I shouldn't be drinking milk it does bad things to my stomach and skin. So, alas I'll have to give up this tasty drink. Good news, they have several fruits and veggies that are not milk based. The Green Goodness really is goodness in a bottle.

Bark - I have a good friend in Texas that sends me postcards about once a week, maybe every other week depending on her life and all. I have been meaning to make it a regular thing to post her postcards but just now getting around to it. Turns out that she sent me one recently with bark as the picture. On the back she writes a quote sometimes two.
"Even if money did grow on trees it would never get a change to ripen." Anonymous
"The social ideal is rooted in than quality, not enthusiasm." - Mario Vargas Llosa

Link related to the alphabet:
San Serriffe - started as an April Fools joke about a whole island all based on fonts, fun readin'.

To follow up a topic under A - the art group that was disbanded met last night and the only conclusive thing that came out of it was the group of people still want to meet as a group.

The general thoughts:
- The possibilities for the group are endless
- There will a collaboration of a few people as "leaders" but who those people are it has yet to be determined.
- Small groups will split off from the large one to do various classes, project, outing etc.
- The church that the group started in is very willing to work along side us. For example if the church would like to have an artist during a service then he'd contact our group about who wanted to do that. If the church wanted to host a gallery on a particular theme the group would be contacted to help organize and contribute art. This all seems very good.
- Communication is HUGE HUGE important and clear concise communication needs to start now.
My general feeling is, a lot of people have huge dreams for the group but in general we don't really know what our very next step is. I feel a little overwhelmed by the options. I think our next meeting will be about what did God show you this past month. I'm willing to stick through the transitions to see what God does.

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