April 5, 2008

Starting Over - again

Here is the great thing about starting over, you can do it when ever you want. It seems I completely forgot to blog yesterday. So that will just have to count as one of my four days to post about whatever (or nothing).

This week I've started that all important healthy eating part of the weight loss goal. It hasn't been radical but small steps. One specifically, eating breakfast at home! I love eating at home and not in the car!

I have a theory that my life is a lot like one of those sliding tile puzzles have to move one tile to move another and some times the picture looks weird just to get one tile in the proper place. The one piece of the puzzle that has to be in place for me to eat at home is waking up and getting out of bed at 6am. This has been a challenge by it self. The alarm clock now lives in on my floor and away from me so i either have to fall partially out of bed to reach it and by that point I may as well get out of bed.

With two of the pieces in place, up and eating at table, i'm able to slide a third piece of the puzzle into place; writing my three pages of whatever-strikes-me morning pages. While nothing revolutionary has happened or been revealed it is nice to be back in the habit of journaling.

I have felt a great since of accomplishment this week with those 3 pieces in place.

Tonight i'm going with my husband and some friends to the PSU Aerial Dance. I've been looking forward to this for about a month. I'll let you know how it was tomorrow.

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