April 3, 2008


The third letter of the Latin alphabet and a consonant.

Words Related to C:
Cravings - I've been craving chocolate pudding and string cheese
Cold - It's cold in the office today

Topics Related to C:
Collaboration - Some how I have now involved my self with 3 collaborative projects.
  • Book illustration - hardly started
  • Zine book - only have to design 1 page but print 45 pgs.
  • Vision Illustration - one thing led to another and i got contacted by a woman who has a number of written visions from God that she would like illustrated. Normally i would feel really intimidated to try something like this but I just have the impression i should work on it. Also, i have the delusion it will go quickly.

Car - For a long time i have been wanting to put some kind of decal design on my car. I think i finally found the place to buy it from: Blik. They say they're removable which is what i like to hear. I like the circles and the lines. The custom is an interesting idea as well....
I would also like to purchase some decals for my living room wall - maybe a geometric pattern. I'm pretty sure something cool could be done with the Undersea.

Links Related to C:
Blink Prose - Type in a word, a poem, a quote, a phrase and they'll quote you on how much it would cost for you to have a decal for your wall.

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