April 9, 2008


Fith letter of the Latin alphabet.

Excuse me for not posting yesterday! I'm quickly using up my free-be days and completley missing the point of posting everyday of the month, lol. I just got really descracted with actually going to the gym and taking care of a few household chores.

Words Related to E:
Excited - 21 days till Texas!
Exclimation - I use exclimation marks all the time in writing!

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Exercise - I'm becoming a little bit more conscious of calories. I love watching the little calorie counter on the treadmill go up up up. I think "ok, I know i ate X amount of calories because i read the packaging, i just burned off that one item." I don't recommend looking over at the girl's treadmill next to you to see her intensity and how many she's burned. One girl burned about 100 calories just running for 12 minutes with the treadmill flat. I was jealous but I don't enjoy running - I enjoy speed walking up hill but it takes me about 20 minutes to burn around 100 calories. I just have to remind my self it's ok to take a little longer to get to the same end. Plus, last night The Biggest Looser was on and i'm completely hooked on that show. It's very inspirational to be plotting along at the gym while watching other people dramatically change their life. Tonight is Pilates.

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Engrave Your Book - This site will engrave your Moleskin journal/sketchpad/lifeline lazer engraved wtih a design of your choosing or you can pick one premade. What's really cool is you can also have the spine engraved with a title. What a great idea! I've never used a Moleskin but i might have to order one just for this reason. For those of you that love Moleskin do you find that they'll lay relatively flat w/o breaking the spine? Also, is it easy to scan any sketches you might put in there?

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Ginger M said...

I recently discovered Engrave Your Book too and am very tempted to order one with my own design. btw, thanks for using my badge and linking back, really appreciate it!:)