November 2, 2009

A Collection of Random Short Paragraphs

I spent the day hunting and pecking for code for the blog. I'm not satisfied with the current layout. There are a few things i want to add and adjust.

Tonight I also got caught up on all the recent episodes of The Office. I think this season is shaping up very well. It's surprising how much this show utilizes additional features for the websites, they have webisodes, blogs for actors and the characters, behind the scenes... props to the creators behind the concept to give this TV show a huge web presents. Some people don't watch the show because they work in an office and they don't want to watch a show about their day job but i have disagree - no one works in this type of office!

We've been in this rental house for 2 months and i'm still deciphering between good and bad noises. Never did i realize how much i paid attention to sounds at the apartment and could quickly judge them as normal or potential danger. Just 2 minutes ago an odd frog croaking sound started that i haven't heard before. I'm in the front bedroom and can hear just about anything in the front drive and now i think there is a frog out there. Why do we have frogs?! Ewww.

I hate the transition at this time of year into darkness. Sure it was nice to have some sun at 6:30am but it was completely dark when i left work at 5:15pm. What makes it worse is that nothing can happen outside when i get home. I can't play chuck-it with the dogs when i get home because they can't see where the ball went! I guess my only solution is flood lights for the backyard for a little evening running about with the dogs. Course when the wind starts up i won't want to be out there anyway.... {where i live is known for its crazy high winds in the winter}

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