November 15, 2009


Thursday I really forgot to post. I was half asleep when i realized that i hadn't and considered reaching over and typing a quick post on my phone. But then i realized that ultimately it doesn't matter and that i should just go to sleep. Thus ending my NaBloPoMo perfect records.

Friday I didn't have time. Again chalking this up to I had other things that needed my attention.

Saturday i was busy painting my studio and then went out to my cousin's bachelorette party only to remember that my phone took bad pictures in low light. I did have a really good beer. I did get my studio painted - I only have 1 more coat on all the walls to do tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sunday - slept in, had yummy coffee, went to the in-laws for birthday lunch for my husband. Early bed tonight - stayed up way to late last night.

Monday - work and then dinner for my husband's birthday.

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