November 10, 2009

Shoe Shopping

On my quest to find wedding shoes I ran into these that I like. All of them can be found at DSW but good luck if you have wide feet.

Love the leather flower detail on the strap.

I picture these going well with jeans.

I have worn out my blue converse (there are holes in the cloth). My husband told me if i replace them i have to get a color that isn't blue because i've had blue for years. I'm liking the pink a lot:

These could be perfect for an everyday type of shoe for work:

At the conclusion of my shoe quest i ended up with 2 pairs of navy heels, i don't have pictures of those ironically and neither of which were purchased at DSW. I got one from Avenue in a 9w but i think i'll have to exchange them for a 9.5w if i keep them. Then the other from Famous Footwear.

After trying on half a dozen pair of shoes at DSW I confirmed my suspicion that i can only comfortably wear heels in a wide width. I can buy some heels in a medium width but i have go with a size 10 which fits my toes ok but are 1/2 inch too long so the heel of my foot slips in and out easily. Even then 10s are not super comfortable. Which is why my shoe buying habits run toward sneakers, flats or strap sandals with a small heel. Plus i'm 5'2" i just can't wear super high heels with out feeling like my center of gravity is all off.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy shoes in a wide width? I can't believe it's that uncommon.

2 What do you think?:

Rhonda said...

Sorry, can't help you with a place to buy wide shoes but LOVE your taste in shoes!

Violet said...

Thanks =)

I still haven't gone back to get any but it's on my to do list.