November 4, 2009

SweeTarts Candies

Picked up Halloween candy that was on sale and included in a bag are SweeTarts. These are in my top 3 favorite non-chocolate candies, Jolly ranchers & Sour gummy worms would be the other two.

I was eating some at work and among my musings of wanting more I considered how i'd rank the different flavors:

  1. Blue (pickled punch) - i did have to look up Wikipedia for the official name, didn't realize this is the same ingredients as PixyStixs
  2. Green (green apple)
  3. Yellow (lemon) - wiki said they stopped making this flavor this year which would explain why i haven't seen any in these packages.
  4. Orange (same)
  5. Pink (cherry)
  6. Purple (grape) - i make my husband eat these
Then i went on to wonder why they always seem to include lots of the pink & purple and wishing i could put in a custom order for my top flavors like you can custom order m&ms. I went to the official Wonka site but couldn't find anything like that - ah well, probably not enough money in it anyway.

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