November 1, 2009

And We're Off

First post of the month!

I've been wanting to do a blog redesign and there is no better time than for NaBloPoMo. Mostly i moved the sidebar info to the footer in 3 columns. Now, if i could only figure out how to link Archives, Tags/Labels, and Google Reader feed for links across the top, i'd be happy. For today i've reached my max of thinking in code.

I thought pushing all the extra info stuff below the post would be helpful in clutter control. I read a lot of blogs and a good majority of them have the standard 3 columns across the whole page. As ads and widgets have grown in popularity I've found it increasingly difficult to read the person's posts among all this other information. I'm going with the train of thought that if the readers are really interested in what I'm up to then they'll scroll a little farther or click one more link. I'm also thinking that if i don't overwhelm the reader with visuals they can easily see what is available to find out.

Good luck to everyone who is participating in NaBloPoMo.

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