November 3, 2009

Guest Book - Family Tradition

During the first visit to my husband's Grandparent's I was introduced to the concept of a guest book for your home. They live at the coast so every time family or friends came over for a visit they insisted that you write in their guest book. The guests write a little summery of what happened and a thank you for putting them up if they spent the night. I fell in love with this concept of documentation right away.

I haven't started a book yet for my own home. Not exactly sure why not because I've hosted out of town guests and family events that would have qualified for a little write up. So, it's a little trendy but this idea struck me of how to combine a guest log with the typewriter i recently acquired. If i pull the typewriter out for when guests arrive, i can start a page or note card off with the date and a little prompt like "Notes" or "Leave a Message". I've yet to know anyone to resist punching a few keys of a typewriter. The only draw back is that this looses the ability to also record someones handwriting... hm...something to consider.

Does anyone else have a guest book for their home? Is this a regional experience? Even in hotels along the coast line will have guest books in the room for you to write in.

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Rhonda said...

This is a lovely idea and the typewriter is so unique! Maybe after the page is typed, before the guests leave, you can pull the page out and have the guests sign it, doodle on it or whatever.