November 25, 2007

7 Random Facts

A few days ago I was tagged by Leandra at Sometimes the Paint Makes it on the Paper to write about 7 random things about me. I've been delaying the post because it's been hard to think of 7 things... so... i'm just going to start:

7 - I'm the first person in my immediate family to move out of Texas in about 4 generations.

6 - I have an allergy to milk - i still have ice cream in small amounts but in general i stay away from it.

5 - I collect drift wood.

4 - The name Violetkey came about because I needed a user name quickly a few years ago. I saw my keys sitting on top of a purple folder on my desk.

3 - For the past 3 years I have participated in a quarterly zine with a group of graphic designers from the US and Canada. The zine has a theme such as "Black & White" or "Robots" and I design one page and send it to a woman in GA who assembles the books once everyone has sent in their pages.

2 - I can speak fast. I cultivated this skill in high school because in general i was very quiet but when i would go off on a topic i'd speak fast to get it all out before i could be interrupted . It freaked a guy out in 10th grade that I could speak that fast to him - i actually enjoyed it because he was a jerk most the time.

1 - I can't not speak with out gesturing with my hands. I have been challenged to talk with out using my hands and I can't keep a straight train of thought, it might have also been nerves at the time.

That wasn't too bad. Hope that was random enough for you.

Oh, here are the rules and I tag anyone who has not done this before.


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