November 14, 2007


I'm so grumpy right now. The meeting with the logo guy was long and now i have to start over because he didn't like my version - he wants the version thats in his head and the version I'm not sure I can produce.

What do you do when you have a client that you can't create what they want? Do you refund the down payment and say "go try so & so"?

When does your abilities or lack there of in a style become a defining moment of 'get over it and get good at it quickly' or become a definition of your "style" and you can only produce in that way? I mean people who love white space and Neo-Plasticism* style is not going to necessary know how to produce graffiti art - but should they? As a commercial artist should I?

Anyway... just some rambly thought.

*I had to look that up - only some art history stuck with me.

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