November 11, 2007

"Redefining the Dictionary"

From my understanding TED is a conference that happens once a year and different people have about 15-20min. to share an idea on a topic.

Through a series of links I found my self on the TED website and reviewing different talks. One that i found and really enjoyed was Erin McKean's talk on "Redefining the Dictionary" which I encourage you viewing. The fun surprise was finding out Erin is the author of the blog A Dress A Day which I had stumbled upon and been reading for a few months. I thought it was great that I found two random things that actually have something in common with each other.

One of my favorite bits is: "The internet is great for collecting words becuase the internet is full of collectors. This is a little known technological fact about the internet but the internet is actually made up of words & enthusiasm."

I can't seem to embed the video - go view it here: Erin McKean's Redefining the Dictionary

I might have more deep thoughts about what the future of the dictionary is later but the comments in the video are interesting.

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