November 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Husband

On this special occasion we both skipped work. But I don't feel guilty about it because i woke up with a sinus headache and his stomach hurt. I still have the headache but he's feeling better. Some of his friends are heading over in about half an hour. They are either watching The Office season 2 or playing Halo 3 or probably both. I might retreat to the bedroom with a book after I eat some dinner. Except if they're watching The Office - that's good stuff.

The day was not very eventful. We lounged around the house this morning and looked at a few houses that we might buy next year if they're still up for sell in a couple of months.

Then my husband got a call from his mom and told him that she wanted to buy him a memory card for his birthday. So, the looking online for the best deal ensued. He found one. At Fries in Willsonville, a 30-45 min drive on a good day. Today was not a good day, hard rain and we left around 2:30 when it seemed the whole city was getting off work but for sure on the way home everyone would be on the road home. The traffic was horrible, our exit from one freeway to the next was blocked off and we had to do a major detour to get going the right direction. It took us about hour and half to get there. On the way i was trying so hard not to feel nauseas between my headache and his lurching in the stop and go traffic. I love my husband but his driving in the stick shift car in traffic drives me bananas (no pun intended).

Finally, we got there, he picked up his card and we took the long drive home. We got home a little faster because we took an alternate route that didn't involve so much freeway.

That was the most excitement so far.

Unfortunately for him I've been moody all day swinging from grumpy & cursing to really upbeat and goofy. Ah, well, he'll have a guy's night and it'll be all good.

Plus, we'll use a gift certificate my sister sent him for dinner next weekend. It will be better.

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