November 19, 2007

Time Time Time

I had planned on writing on an actual topic that I'd been thinking about but it got so late!

So instead I'll give you my quick impressions of Ratatouille - yes i had to go look at the box for the spelling.

Great animation! The story is good and inspiring but it's a little long. I enjoyed all the iconic things they did with the character of the food critic with the nick-name "The Grim Eater". There were about 2 places i thought "this is the end of the movie" and it wasn't. The final ending was cute. The best part? The short movie called "Lifted" listed as an extra on the dvd - I laughed sooo hard through that whole thing!

I'm not really sure this is one I want to own and I think i own just as many animated movies as i do "chick flicks".

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