November 10, 2007

Clean Office

Clean Office
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After years of going through boxes and trying to organize and have an office - I'm done! I have a functional office. I'm so happy!

There are still lots of little things to go through - such as a stack of cds that i need to determine whats on them and if i need to keep it or not. There are other organizing boxes that are more attractive that I want to get when I have properly budget the money for them. I also have lots of projects I needed to get started on. But one thing at a time. Click on the photo to go to Flickr and read the comments I've made on it.

Now that I've spent hours being productive, I also cleaned the kitchen, I'm going to go play Guitar Hero 2.

How was your Saturday?

2 What do you think?:

Angella said...

Organization makes me giddy :)

Looks great!

MarillaAnne said...

ohhhh inspirational!! Also loving the little artsy things ... I know it may not feel like much to you but ... just wait and see ... But I really believe that dabbling around will help you stay warmed up to the idea of performing artistic processes at home -- not just at work inside someone else's structure.