November 27, 2007


Tonight I went to a Pampered Chef event at a friend's house. I'd never been to one, it was fun! I've admired the round cooking stone and I finally got one. I agreed to host a party in late January. It was funny, one of the other woman there said she'd come to mine too - she loves the cooking stuff.

The ironic thing is, I don't do a lot of cooking but love the gadgets. The other hard thing is just being married, i have a lot of kitchen stuff that doesn't need replacing but then again there is always a chopper or new cheese grater needed. Both my grandmothers cook and they both cooked with and around me. My mother cooked out of necessity. I just don't love doing it as an everyday thing. It may be more the planning and clean up than the actual act of cooking.

I've asked for cook books for Christmas. Something along the lines of 30 minute meals and the like because i really lack the skill to plan a menu. Also, trying to eat healthy, i'm not really sure what to cook. I know the general rule is that you can eat just about anything just in smaller portions and in general less white flower and sugar and corn starch.

Maybe with my new cooking stone I'll get inspired to cook more. Maybe.

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