November 23, 2007

Back to the Gym

The first year of marriage I was not good to my self. I had successfully lost about 20lb. for the wedding, about 15 more I would have comfortably fit back into size 12. I had not seen a size 12 in about 8 years.

Then a lot changed in the past year. I went from an active walking, moving, small amounts of lifting type of job to a job were i sat for 8hrs of work and about 1.5hrs for a commute. Pizza, soda, chocolate because staples in our diet. I stopped going to the gym. I ballooned.

In September I was fed up and discussed with my self. I went back to the gym. I signed up for a trainer. It took a month for me to pay all the set up fees and October was to be the start. Then i didn't hear anything from the person i was set up with. It took me 2 weeks before i even got my self in there to say "hey, i want to do this and no one is helping me". I got attention. I set up my first meeting for Oct. 24. it went okay, a little lower then my expectations. Next meeting was Oct. 31st. I was in that minor car accident and canceled my appointment - if i was going to be sore the next day i wanted to make sure it was from the accident not the work out. I never heard from my trainer to set up another appointment. Wouldn't you know it, I never went back into the gym. For the past month I've talked my self out of it.

On Wednesday my trainer calls and wants to set up an appointment. Even though it was late i excepted his only opening at 9pm tonight. I am grateful he called because who knows how many more weeks would go by before i got my self back in there. The session went a little better then the first. I still feel like he's mostly standing there counting for me. Then i'm too busy breathing and trying not to let my legs fall off to ask him to explain, what am i doing and why? what should i be doing between my sessions? I want a routine. I'll get the nerve up and ask on our next session which is Nov. 28th. at 6p. Thank goodness I don't have to go home first!

So, I'm starting again to change my life.

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Jeannine said...

Good for you for taking that appointment! Going to the gym at 9:00 at night demonstrates your willingness to take hard but positive steps.