November 6, 2007

Sign Me Up

It would seem that I have a bad case of Sign Me Up, if there is a challenge or a committee that needs a person, I'm your woman! As soon as i sign the proverbial dotted line i get a case of "what have I done?" but not too bad. Just since Sunday this is what I've done:

#1 - My church has been pushing for more nursery workers. For a small church of about 200 we have a large percentage of children. On Sunday they had a quick meeting after church for the workers and potential workers. Well, I guess I've been having the case of the guilts because I don't normally enjoy the Sunday evening services and my husband and I have been making a habit of skipping. I thought "well, i could at least help on Sunday night for someone who did want to listen". So, up i went to the meeting. It turns out they actually need workers for the sunday school hour and the wednesday night, wednesday night really bad. The topic of me and my husband doing it as a ministry came up, i told her i'd have to talk to him about it. I haven't as of yet but I know his answer will be no because he's already spread a little thin between work and school. I keep telling my self it's only one night a month and I can give that up but at the same time I'm feeling a little selfish about it and maybe a little hypocritical.

Hypocritical because my husband and I just avoided the "homebuilders class" this summer because they were doing a video series on raising children in a Godly way. Considering when it started we'd been married 9 months and already pestered about children and all our friends were pregnant and abandoning us, we felt a little bitter about it and left the class until they were done (they're just about to start a new series on something else). The hypocritical part comes in that i just spend months avoiding children and now I'm volunteering to spend a couple of hours with them once a month. Maybe it was the news of my sister that got me all worked up to be around them. Because honestly, I haven't felt excited about any of my friends pregnancies. Happy that they had healthy beautiful babies and I gladly bought them gifts for the showers. But until my sister announced last week that she was pregnant I have never felt so excited about a baby.

# 2 - I'm part of an art group that meets once a week to draw but because of work I only go to the once a month meetings that are on Tuesday nights. Tonight was such a night. I love this group. Next month is our Christmas party. At the start of this meeting the leader brings up "while everyone is sharing consider if you want to help organize the Christmas party". So, I think about it, "yeah, that could be fun". At the end of the meeting the leader goes "Ok, any one interested in heading up the party?" We take a couple of seconds and look at each other... Then my hand shoots up! Whaaat? I immediately follow that up with "Anyone want to co-host?" I get a volunteer form this really sweet woman who I've collaborated with on buffet type stuff before. Then after the meeting broke up I got a couple of other women offering to help with whatever. I am looking forward to this and it's not that elaborate of an event.

#3 - Then while standing around talking i get looped into a convo in the kitchen regarding next years retreat. This years retreat was mid Oct. and quite trying on two of the three women who have organized it in the past, the two wanted to pass the baton. Guess who was there to grab one end of it? Me, that's right, me. On the other end the women i mentioned above who is good at organizing. And there is still one woman from the original group that wants to be part of it which is good because she finds the speakers. They usually do the planning meeting in January so at least I have a little bit of time. BUT the few things I really want - the invites, paper work handed out to attendees with such things as schedules, and name tags! So, basically the graphic design type stuff. It should be interesting.

#4 - Also brought up by a woman was a collaborate project she is trying to lead that started 6 months ago. She wrote a children's book and asked our group to take a copy, read it, illustrate a page and get it back to her. I find it interesting that she brought it up tonight because for the past 2 weeks the story has been taunting me from the shelf it's sitting on. I have a fairly clear idea of what I want to do but not how. I told her tonight that yes i still want to do this thing and yes i'll work to get my butt in gear to get you something.

Lets re-cap what i have signed up to do lately:
1 - illo for the book
2 - NaBloPoMo
3 - Art Every Day
4 - NaNoReMo
5 - Nursery once a month
6 - Bible Study on Monday nights - picking up one woman on way.
7 - Art Christmas Party
8 - Art Retreat 2008

Yeah, I wonder if there is something I'm avoiding...

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