November 7, 2007

Day 7

Honestly, if i was not doing NaBloPoMo and wanting to keep my commitment of posting all month. I would have skipped tonight. I'm so tired.

I will say this, I'm officially giving up on NaNoReMo. I can't stand reading any more of Catch 22 - the "who's on first" type of writing in every chapter but with a new character is getting old! Maybe I wouldn't feel this way if i had nothing else i wanted to read but as it so happens i have a large To Be Read pile right now. Most notably Kite Runner and Thunderstruck. Both need to be read by Christmas so my dad and I can go out to breakfast and discuss. Plus my dad keeps asking me if i've read Kite Runner and to be honest I started it but it didn't catch me fast enough for me to finish before it was due back at the library. I'm going to see if my M.I.L has a copy i can borrow becuase i know she's read it. Thunderstruck is turning out very interesting, who knew electricity was that fascinating?

Then there is the new Chuck Palahniuk Rant that I'm borrowing from the library and will need to be returned in a couple of weeks becuase i'm sure i won't get to renew it. Then I also started Getting Things Done, also from the library. But something about his style is not connecting with me. Also, part of my brain says "you've read enough about organizing just do something already or go read 7 Habits which you haven't finished."

So, it seems I won't be persevering through Catch 22.

P.S. I haven't given up on Art Every Day Month - i'm just moving my goal to have one finished piece a week.

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Leah said...

one piece a week is fabulous!!