November 28, 2007

My Arms Are Going To Fall Off

ARrrgghhh... Tonight the workout was all about the arms. The hardest one machine is the one where i have to push straight up - i felt like a total whimp! After 15 reps of just pushing the machine - no weight add - it was very hard to do the other 40 reps still left. The other machine that beat me was the chest pull thing - let me tell you i'm gonna have some good lookin' pecks if i keep that up ;-)

Then after the gym was the first night for Z's new agility class. I think it's going to be very good instruction especially for me. The class we went through this summer was good but I didn't feel like I got clear instructions on how I was supposed to run the course. Even though this is one more thing I have to do this month it will be nice. The ironic thing is I was going to take Obedience 3 with my husband and Nitro but I called back a little too late to pay for the class and they gave my spot away. So, instead of having an activity my hubs and I do together we're spending more time apart. Ah, well, at least starting Jan. he'll only be working 2 Saturdays a month and not every Saturday.

O.M.G.^ I was going to wait until Dec.1st to start a count down to Christmas Exit but I looked at the calender today. There are only THREE more weekend before the flight to Texas! THREE! I have to make some serious lists of projects and stop procrastinating on stuff.

Plus, I have a zine page deadline looming for Jan. 11th. I have the idea at least but I still have to make the layout and then carve the plates. I did have this more elaborate plan that involved embossed lettering but I won't have time to go get signed up, oriented and creative at this awesome place before the deadline. They have a press for lino block prints and such. They also have letter presses and something like 60 type faces *sigh*. I still want to do the elaborate plan just maybe on my own personal project. Did i mention the theme is Alphabets and I have been waiting for this thing to come around for over a year! I'm very excited about it.

^ I love the books by Christopher Moore. I picked up "You Suck" on CD and one of the characters was a teenage girl that kept a journal and she used omg, alot. The voice actor pronounced each letter with emphasis O.M.G. - i can no longer say/write it with out that audio running through my head.

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