November 4, 2007

Computer Whoas

I have this external hard drive that is a um, come to think of it is quite old, about 5 years. I've been using it for that long as a off again on again back or an "eeks my computer needs spaced" device until i could get the data burned to something.

Right now I'm using it as a data mule between my laptop that has no dvd burner to the desktop that has a dvd burner. I am trying to backup 4 years of school and about 3 years of photos. I don't really care if the school stuff gets lost, yes that would mean I'd have a lot of work to redo to have a portfolio but between you and me a lot of it probably needs to be updated anyway.

Today I thought I was going to be productive and burn off more stuff. The ultimate goal is to wipe my laptop and reload everything. Why would i bother doing such a thing if there are no viruses etc.? Because it just seems like the thing to do after you reshuffle it's data parts backing everything up. Also, sometimes, don't you just love the feel of a clean slate? Even if it takes you weeks and hours of gnashing of teeth to get it?

So, right, i was going to be productive today... Until the desktop computer booted up and i got this blue screen saying something a long the lines of "I have to scan the F drive and it's best not to disturb me until I'm done". The F drive would be my external - oops shouldn't have started with that thing plugged in. The kicker the desktop processor is so slow that it takes it 3 HOURS! I wasn't productive today, I'm sure the desktop feels all proud of it self for scanning the drive which nothing was wrong to begin with.

The ultimate point of this thread? Old electronics stink. I'm going to find another way of backing up my laptop. This may mean 1) buy a huge external drive and just not bother burning anything 2) buy an external dvd burner for my laptop. The current process of copying data to the HD and then copying from the HD to the desktop to copying the data to the DVD burner is ridiculous! You may think i'm adding in an unnecessary step of copying from HD to DT to DVD but I tried direct from HD to DVD and it didn't authenticate the disk, so sure it look like stuff is burned to the DVD until you try to open a file and the disk says there is no data to open. No worries at this point nothing has been deleted.

If anyone knows of an option 3 let me know.

***Art Every Day***
I don't think this really counts but I'm going to go have a good time watching Meet the Robinson's with my husband and laugh about the "Caffeine Patch".

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