November 29, 2007

My New Word

My new word for the new year may be "No". A lot of commitments were made this past year but I didn't fulfill them all gladly. A lot of resentment usually came with them.

I'm not sure my reasons are good reasons. I just know there is stuff I want to do and if I do someone else's stuff I can't do mine too. This is going to sound like a cliche woman problem but that reason sounds a little lazy to me. Or maybe it sounds a little lazy to me because even when I did have time for my stuff the past year I wouldn't do anything and instead of exploring why i wouldn't do it, I'd just fill it with someone else's project.

Another reason why I want to say "no" is, I want to have projects I control, that I'm the final say on things. It may be a mix of perfectionism or possessiveness or something but when working on someone else's project I have to follow their rules and get their approval and this is now annoying. I AM DONE! I no longer play well with others in groups!

I don't know what this means for things I've already committed to for 2008. My next step will be to make a list of goals for next year and then consider what extra things I've signed up for.

I'll let ya'll know the results.

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