November 13, 2007

Barely Remembered

Almost went to bed with out posting! I've been working on that logo I previously mentioned. It's taking on a style I don't think the guy was originally thinking.

However, I am learning some limitations on my abilities. For example I can understand in my head what he wants to see but trying to translate that into the computer is becoming more difficult and time consuming than originally thought. Also my personal taste (style?) is creeping in. I'm a little bit of a minimalist and prefer simple design. I don't know if this is because i don't have the talent/skills/patience for details or if this really the way I work no matter what.

I'm done for tonight and tomorrow night I shall find out his opinion.

On an unrelated note - I must invest in good headphones - maybe those big kind that completely cover the ears. The whole time as background noise I've listened to my husband comment: "good kill" "Oh son of a...!" "Don't go in there!" "get the active camo" and then there is the explosions and various different gun sounds depending on which weapon is being fired. Yeah, if my office isn't going to have any doors, I need good headphones.

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