November 15, 2007

Art Every Day Post - finally

I came home from a blah kind of day. Realized, I have this whole evening to my self*. My office is clean and I really like sitting in there**. Lets do art!

I found my mp3 for some Jars of Clay. I pulled out my sketchbook - it is a big 11x14 thing, love it. I pull out my oil pastels which i have not used in-for-ever. I have doodled this little flower with only half the petals for a couple of weeks now. The thought popped into my head that it looked a lot like a crown. Tonight I doodled it out and created a full color version and a more duo-tone but um, i like the full color better. Also as part of the process i moved my hand over the little colors until one said "pick me!". I doodled some little shapes. It was fun.

It only took 45 minutes.

But i felt satisfied and told my self i don't have to make this a long process. I can do fun, quick, sketches and be done with the night that quickly.

Of course after taking pictures, editing said pictures, uploading and posting about it. I'm pushing an hour and half on time.

*hubby is working a night shift (4p-midnight) at a different branch of the vet company he works for.

** even though there is a mouse that is somewhere between my office and the living room. Yeah, gross but sooo much better than roaches. Except we can't get the apartment complex to call us back and no one is in the office! But i'm not really sure what they're going to do because the last time this happened they just put sticky traps in my kitchen (thats where it was last time) and then one actually worked and I had to have someone else deal with a dead mouse - blah!!!

2 What do you think?:

Anonymous said...

I hate those sticky traps. They give me the heebies.

Love the crooked half smile on the orange flower. That one has personality.

Jeannine said...

I love your flowers! So colorful and whimsical!