November 3, 2007

Art Every Day

I almost didn't do anything creative today out of sheer self pity. What motivated me? I didn't want to type "I didn't do anything today, again". I over looked my office being a mess and took advantage of my dinning table being clean. I grabbed my giant clip board and supplies for watercolor. I had been having the urge to play around with them. I've had a couple of quick lessons on how to formally use them. Considering i have a very cheap set of pan watercolors and equally cheap but about a 2 year old never used before tube set, I didn't think formal training needed to be important for tonight. While my husband was a way playing basketball I played.

What I most like about watercolor is the layering look that is archived using layer after layer. I've been admiring Irisz Agocs* and she's mentioned using coffee to paint with. I had heard of this before but she has had some nice results. I thought I'd give it a try with my left over coffee. The mug is the result. The bird and the little spots of color were playing around. I think the yellow layered the best. Of course this could have something to do with the fact that I actually got pigment out of the tube instead of only the colored oily liquid. Anyway, I'm glad I did get something on the page for the day.

Interview with Irisz Agocs

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cherry girl said...

I for one am glad you did post your art today - I am currently experimenting with watercolours so it's good to see other peoples work too and the effects the achieve.

(I've just come over from Leahs page as I am also taking part in the the art everyday challenge)

sukipoet said...

I too enjoy seeing yr watercolors. I am new to watercolor and have posted in the past some of my attempts on my blog. I think they are very hard, but you have done a great job with the layering.