November 12, 2007


I took on this contract job on the side. It's for a logo. I have put off starting this thing for 3 weeks now. There isn't really a deadline just as soon as it gets done.

I am working with the man who came up with the original concept for the logo. So, really, i'm not creating anything original from my brain. No, i'm basically the production artist trying to read the mind of the original creator. See, he created in color pencil - I am to create it in the computer all 3D-ed and makin' it look amazing to the point it can never be produced practically. Argh!

This happens every time I take on a paid side job. I think "oh cool extra money and it sounds like an interesting thing". But then as soon as its time to start I feel all annoyed that I have to spend any extra time I have on this project to get it finished. Ironic, no?

I know you're advice is to get it done already so I can move on. Yeah, I know. I will spend weeks avoiding something that is really only budgeted for 8 hours, silly.

On a side note i beat GuitarHero2 but I will never play for over an hour again. My right arm is all screwed up from strumming.

On another side note i want to kill Nitro, our male dog. He has stopped telling us when he needs to go out side and instead leaks drippy pee trails all over the living room/hallway carpet. He did that earlier this evening. The crowning touch? We let him out maybe 45 min. ago and just now he peed a little on the leather couch cushion beside me! WTF?! I swear for a medium sized dog he has the bladder of a squirrel.

Ok, I'm going to stop moaning and complaining and go work on that logo.

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