November 18, 2007


As part of heading up the art groups Christmas party I was thinking of party favors. On Martha's site I found these cute little paper stockings. Of course this is what I choose to do for the favors. However, I will not be sawing these things. No, no, the glue stick is going to be my best friend.

Here is the first stage:

I'm using left over wrapping paper from last year. This is causing the stockings to be curly right now and those were the only small paper weights i could find for the photo. I will be smashing them flat for a few days and then applying the backing and little decorate things for the "cuff" of the stocking. There will be about 30 when finished.

Today I also made a list of all the project I need to get done for Christmas. Many of them still have to do with wedding photos that I was suppose to get to people by last Christmas but we waited so long to order them that we didn't get them until Feb. of this year. So, this year it's wedding stuff. Plus, I'm making a new snowflake block print for everyone like I've done the past few years. My family seems to like them but if they didn't I don't think they'd tell me. They're much too polite - instead they'd just put it in a drawer somewhere and I'd forget to notice if they were out or not. Of course it helps that I'm not there every year for the holiday. So, point is, I'm gonna be busy!

I have to share this photo of my husband and his dog Nitro. Sure, I could say "our" dog but really Nitro doesn't listen to me very well and being a Heeler he can only be super obsessed loyal to one person but can be protective of a whole family. I thought the paw on his shoulder was really cute.

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This may (or may not) be your thing, but I've tagged you for a NaBloPoMo meme because I liked your blog. :)